The Movement That Just Won’t Disappear

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Hi everyone! I’m back 🙂

Most of you are no strangers to my blog and have been here since the beginning (and are hopefully in it for the long haul!). For those that are new to the party, you’ll quickly come to understand that the topic of men’s grooming is one of my favourite subjects to discuss. In fact my first two blog posts consisted of rambling on primarily this one subject.

I’m afraid to say that today’s post is going to follow suit (why buck a trend ay?). I want to discuss the popularity of the beard and why it doesn’t seem to be abating (or even close to abating!).

What could be the reason for this, you might ask? I believe the answer doesn’t necessarily lie in one place. Celebrity culture and social media has moved us all to become more conscious of our looks and outward appearance. Whether or not this is a good thing, I am still undecided on.

Despite this, it’s easy to sit back and marvel at the speed and effectiveness that this so called movement has had upon the male half of the western world. I’d go as far as saying that it’s likely there are more men out there with beards and facial hair than there are who are clean shaven!

popularity of the beard

They are so ubiquitous now, that most of the men in my family and close circle our sporting long and healthy beards – my boyfriend especially.

He’s a huge fan of his beard, but I am still not sure about it. I can’t decide whether he looks better with or without one. I sort of miss the days when he were clean shaven (it made him look younger!) but I dread to think what his response would be if I asked him to shave his beard off!

He’s also mad for all the products that come along with it, and has quite a nice little collection now. His favourite and most used product is definitely beard oil. He uses it every day without fail!

Anyway, enough of me rambling. Come back soon for more of the same. Thanks!