Ready, Set, Makeup!

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It used to be inevitable; no matter how much care you put into not disturbing your make up throughout the day, it would still find a way to fade, smudge, or disappear completely.

Well, if you hadn’t already clued into the sensation, I’m here to arrest your fears. Setting Spray exists.

The spray sets your makeup perfectly in place for the day ahead, giving your face a healthy glow, whether it be mascara, eye shadow, a light bb cream, or the works.  You won’t find yourself ducking into the bathroom to reapply or sneaking looks in mirrors to make sure you’re still looking good; the spray will give you that ‘just applied’ look, whatever the hour. You’ll stop checking out your make-up, and start checking out yourself.

            Let’s talk about the cream of the crop. Lunar Glow’s Moisture Setting Spray. This spray doesn’t just hold everything in place, oh no, it goes above and beyond to make you look simply gorgeous. Before you apply, throughout the day, and well after.

We’ll start as is natural, the before. This setting spray doubles as a primer, to moisturise your skin and even it out for makeup application. Worried about your pores? This formula is light and natural, and you’ll be getting all the benefits of a moisturiser.

Then comes the makeup. Once everything has dried and settled, a few sprays across your face in a circular motion is all you need to hold it in place. I usually like to let it sit with my eyes closed for a minute, just to make sure I’m not smudging any eyeshadow or mascara. It’s so quick and easy, in a hurry I’ve used it walking straight out the door or in the car on my way to work, it’s almost a crime not to have it! And if you don’t agree with me now, you will in a few hours. 😉

Fast forward to the end of the day, and you’ve absolutely rocked that look from dawn to dusk, it’s time to clean your face. And whilst everything you can see washes away, some key setting spray ingredients remain.

Sweet almond oil. Known for its soothing benefits, your skin is going to stay soft, calm and glowing. Say goodbye and good riddance to puffy evening skin. Almond oil is also rich in Vitamin E, which helps protect against and repair sun damage. England may be known as the land of grey skies, but the sun does still exist, and it can damage your skin even behind clouds.

Natural glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant, which is a substance that prevents moisture loss. It’s the wonder-ingredient that makes you look like a glowing goddess all day long.

            Sunflower seed oil. As well as being rich in our friend vitamin E, we’re gifted with A, C and D as well! And what does that alphabetical delight combine to fight? Acne. Farewell that idea that pimples are an unfortunate side effect of wearing makeup, why not wear makeup that actively fights against it?

            And one more thing, we’re steering clear of mineral oil, parabens, fragrance, alcohol and animal cruelty.

            So if I’ve been lucky enough to gift you the good news, or put your suspicions to rest, let’s do something beautiful for our skin and use setting spray next time we apply makeup, or just want that gorgeous glow.