My census maps.. the name explained

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So a lot of you have read my bio but are left wondering… Why is this blog called my census maps? I like to talk about interesting topics but it doesn’t quite match up.

So here it is, and bear with because it’s a little cheesy.

I was lost one day, trying to get to a new friend’s house. I’d driven a few hours by this point, and realised along the way that the charging point for my phone in my car wasn’t working. So I was haemorrhaging battery. I had pulled over just before realising so there wasn’t time to find and sit in some roadside cafe charging my phone.

So I did what any self-respecting adult would do, I pulled out my outdated road map from the glove compartment and decided I could do this on my own. It went… okay. I had to pull over quite a few times to flip pages and look closer at the roads, but it was without incident.

I was meeting a friend who I had met in an online writing class, we made partners for a group project and had hit it off, quickly deciding to put together an anthology together of various stories we had written to a theme. I was thinking on the way over, about the theme, and decided census could be a good one. All about different people, our similarities, congregations, documenting every last experience. I was so excited that at a few red lights I started writing my ideas about it straight onto the map in sharpie. Arrived at my friend’s door in one piece and BAM my census maps in hand.

That’s where I got the idea!