Brush Your Beard. Please.

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Do you really need to brush your beard? As a woman I can tell you that the answer is yes you should. Now that could be seen as just my personal preference and I will concede that to be the case initially. So to give my opinion a leg to stand on why don’t we discuss exactly why guys should brush and/or comb their beard.

Brushing your beard once a day is really good for it. So the understanding that it should only be done once a day is important for this discussion. You only need to do it once a day otherwise it’s a little too much stimulation for your beard. You’ll get split ends on your beard if you brush it more than once a day and that might sound like something we worry about know that we don’t fret over it for no reason. Split ends suck and they can hurt too when you try to fix them and even if you do end up fixing them the damage has already been done. Split ends can damage not only the portion of the hair that’s involved but also the cuticle and the core which means that it won’t grow as healthily as it did before. Don’t freak out about the split ends by the way although they are bad the damage can recover over time and they will unavoidably happen but brushing your beard can minimize the number of incidents. A good beard oil should be thrown into the mix and from what I’ve heard from the guys that I know this is the beard brush they’ve used.

It’s not too much work guys it’s just brushing it once in the morning. Think of it as part of a daily routine like styling your hair that shouldn’t be too hard to add right? It’ll help your beard grow in properly and help you style it when it’s fully grown. A healthy well styled beard makes you look good and charismatic but if it’s unruly and wiry you might as well be wearing a sign around your neck saying “I don’t care how I look”. That sort of thing might have been “cool” when we were young but come on now it’s not about attractiveness or anything shallow like that it’s about showing that you are a responsible and reliable person who cares for themselves and therefore others.