Me and MyCensusMaps

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The name’s Joann Lewis and I like finding interesting topics and then having conversations about it. I also think that sometimes the most interesting conversations can come from simple seemingly uninteresting topics. So basically if I think it can result in nice conversations I’ll write about it. Oh I also like dogs I think they’re the best pet ever. I know that was random but I can already hear some of you agreeing and some of you screaming “cats are better”.

I just think that anything can be turned into an interesting conversation honestly. And although this is a blog I still try to get the conversation flowing so don’t be confused if any of my articles sound like I’m arguing myself, because I probably was when I wrote it. I don’t know this whole thing is basically the online equivalent of me practicing conversations in the mirror. According to a lot of people that sort of thing works as coffee table reading material so I thought why not give the whole online thing a shot.