A Post About Nothing

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The title shouldn’t be all that surprising for those of you who’re more familiar with me and my other posts. I do however understand that for those of you not all that familiar with me it may seem like some sort of statement of sarcasm or an admittance of ineptitude but I can assure that it’s not. I just like to say things as they are and in this post I fully intend to have a full and in-depth look into the concept of nothing.

What do I mean when I mention nothing? I’m sure some of you are incredibly confused at the moment as to what exactly I’m talking about in this context I mean nothing in the context of conversation. I’m actually a firm believer that anything can be the topic of serious and mentally stimulating conversations. And that is the essence of almost everything I write about on this blog. Now that doesn’t mean that the things I talk about will be literally nothing but more like I like talking about things a lot even things that people think relatively nothing about. So now that that’s clear let’s start this talk.

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend where you’ve thought to yourself how you literally have no idea why you’re even talking about whatever it is you’re talking about? For me those were some of the greatest conversations that I’ve ever had mostly because when there’s almost nothing of importance suddenly the conversation itself becomes the most important thing. I’ve gotten closer to people even though some of those conversations devolved into heated arguments but it’s just fun seeing how people can get super heated about the smallest most insignificant thing. A funny experience with that which I can share is when me and my friends got into an extremely heated debate about Pepsi versus Coke. Now I know some of you may be thinking how stupid that is but I also know for a fact some of you are right now constructing an argument for either soda. I’ll refrain from stating my opinion just as I did that night because I don’t want to risk aggravating anyone. But that’s what I mean is that you never really think about this sort of thing but the second it’s brought up you start thinking way too much about it.