3 tips for a better shave

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Today I want briefly focus on skincare, specifically men’s skincare. This is often a subject that is easily overlooked. A lot of men nowadays have great big bushy beards, and the skin underneath them is literally out of sight and out of mind.

For those that don’t have facial hair, the shavers out there, taking good care of your skin is much more important. Not only is it visible but it isn’t subject to the natural oils that facial hair brings.

Wet shave also means your skin is much more likely to become irritated and cut. All of this means taking care of it is vitally important. In this post I’ll be laying out my 3 key steps to ensuring that you have as good a shave as possible in terms of your skin.

The first step is key – good preparation. If you’ve got the time you’ll want to fill your sink with hot water and give your face a good splash. Doing this will help open up your pores making the shave quite a bit smoother. Alternatively you could run a hot shower and rinse your face. Either is fine.

Shaving Cream

Next gently dab your face with a soft towel. The next and possibly most crucial step is ensuring you are using the best shaver and cream.

In terms of wet shavers, you can’t go wrong by selecting anything from Gillette. Really great creams on the other hand are a bit harder to come by.

It’s important to find one that lathers really well (this way you won’t have to use so much), and has a great scent (so you keep the ladies happy).

Having wet shaved for around 20 years now, I can confidently say that I’ve probably tried well over 50 different creams over the years. My recent favourite I discovered only a few months ago. It’s called Percy Nobleman’s shaving cream and it smells incredible.

Once you’ve found your ideal razor and cream, it’s time for the shave. The method of exactly how you shave is incredibly important. It’s vital you go with the grain, and avoid snagging and persistent hairs. Doing this can lead to bleeding and skin damage.

There you have it. Follow these steps and a great shave will be the end result!