Ready, Set, Makeup!

It used to be inevitable; no matter how much care you put into not disturbing your make up throughout the day, it would still find a way to fade, smudge, or disappear completely.

Well, if you hadn’t already clued into the sensation, I’m here to arrest your fears. Setting Spray exists.

The spray sets your makeup perfectly in place for the day ahead, giving your face a healthy glow, whether it be mascara, eye shadow, a light bb cream, or the works.  You won’t find yourself ducking into the bathroom to reapply or sneaking looks in mirrors to make sure you’re still looking good; the spray will give you that ‘just applied’ look, whatever the hour. You’ll stop checking out your make-up, and start checking out yourself.

            Let’s talk about the cream of the crop. Lunar Glow’s Moisture Setting Spray. This spray doesn’t just hold everything in place, oh no, it goes above and beyond to make you look simply gorgeous. Before you apply, throughout the day, and well after.

We’ll start as is natural, the before. This setting spray doubles as a primer, to moisturise your skin and even it out for makeup application. Worried about your pores? This formula is light and natural, and you’ll be getting all the benefits of a moisturiser.

Then comes the makeup. Once everything has dried and settled, a few sprays across your face in a circular motion is all you need to hold it in place. I usually like to let it sit with my eyes closed for a minute, just to make sure I’m not smudging any eyeshadow or mascara. It’s so quick and easy, in a hurry I’ve used it walking straight out the door or in the car on my way to work, it’s almost a crime not to have it! And if you don’t agree with me now, you will in a few hours. 😉

Fast forward to the end of the day, and you’ve absolutely rocked that look from dawn to dusk, it’s time to clean your face. And whilst everything you can see washes away, some key setting spray ingredients remain.

Sweet almond oil. Known for its soothing benefits, your skin is going to stay soft, calm and glowing. Say goodbye and good riddance to puffy evening skin. Almond oil is also rich in Vitamin E, which helps protect against and repair sun damage. England may be known as the land of grey skies, but the sun does still exist, and it can damage your skin even behind clouds.

Natural glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant, which is a substance that prevents moisture loss. It’s the wonder-ingredient that makes you look like a glowing goddess all day long.

            Sunflower seed oil. As well as being rich in our friend vitamin E, we’re gifted with A, C and D as well! And what does that alphabetical delight combine to fight? Acne. Farewell that idea that pimples are an unfortunate side effect of wearing makeup, why not wear makeup that actively fights against it?

            And one more thing, we’re steering clear of mineral oil, parabens, fragrance, alcohol and animal cruelty.

            So if I’ve been lucky enough to gift you the good news, or put your suspicions to rest, let’s do something beautiful for our skin and use setting spray next time we apply makeup, or just want that gorgeous glow.

Brush Your Beard. Please.

Do you really need to brush your beard? As a woman I can tell you that the answer is yes you should. Now that could be seen as just my personal preference and I will concede that to be the case initially. So to give my opinion a leg to stand on why don’t we discuss exactly why guys should brush and/or comb their beard.

Brushing your beard once a day is really good for it. So the understanding that it should only be done once a day is important for this discussion. You only need to do it once a day otherwise it’s a little too much stimulation for your beard. You’ll get split ends on your beard if you brush it more than once a day and that might sound like something we worry about know that we don’t fret over it for no reason. Split ends suck and they can hurt too when you try to fix them and even if you do end up fixing them the damage has already been done. Split ends can damage not only the portion of the hair that’s involved but also the cuticle and the core which means that it won’t grow as healthily as it did before. Don’t freak out about the split ends by the way although they are bad the damage can recover over time and they will unavoidably happen but brushing your beard can minimize the number of incidents. A good beard oil should be thrown into the mix and from what I’ve heard from the guys that I know this is the beard brush they’ve used.

It’s not too much work guys it’s just brushing it once in the morning. Think of it as part of a daily routine like styling your hair that shouldn’t be too hard to add right? It’ll help your beard grow in properly and help you style it when it’s fully grown. A healthy well styled beard makes you look good and charismatic but if it’s unruly and wiry you might as well be wearing a sign around your neck saying “I don’t care how I look”. That sort of thing might have been “cool” when we were young but come on now it’s not about attractiveness or anything shallow like that it’s about showing that you are a responsible and reliable person who cares for themselves and therefore others.

This Is Actually Pretty Fun!

Ever since I started writing these I’ve been feeling super great overall. There’s just something relaxing about getting to write out your thoughts. Hopefully it’s relaxing to read the stuff I write too. From what I can tell you all seem to like it so since that’s the case and I really enjoy I’ll be keeping at it with another article real soon!

How Social Media is changing the makeup and beauty industry

If you’ve never heard of social media I’d be very confused as to why you’re here and also how you’re here while circumnavigating the internet and haven’t glimpsed any social media websites. Social media is one of the greatest influences in the modern world as we know it today. It’s a place for people come together, talk, share, and form communities. It’s a wonderful age but social media also has another facet that’s developed fantastically over the years alongside the platform as a whole.

The reach of these platforms has had a drastic effect on the makeup industry as a whole. Though not the only place where social media has had its effects makeup is one of the industries where the growth has been most felt. There’s the obvious fact that makeup channels and pages let creators show their makeup and beauty regimes that they personally use. Of course companies are eager to jump on those opportunities to sell you the perfect makeup primer for you. In a lot of cases these popular beauty gurus are approached by makeup companies in order to use their products and advertise their effectiveness in order to of course reach their demographic. There’s also the instances where these creators might decide to try and make their own brand and break into the industry. Or someone from their communities might see the success of the industry and decide that it’s an industry worth entering themselves.

The expansion of the industry fosters an increase in the quality of products that go around the industry as well. The fact that so many people have decided to invest within the makeup industry means that there’s fiercer competition to get your product recognized so it needs to be of amazing quality in order to get that recognition. The proper use of social media, the right product, and the marketing know-how to actually sell your product are the things proving absolutely necessary to keep up in the modern makeup industry.

Gaining some momentum

Hey again.

It seems like the previous post was well received (well most of it at least), and I received some encouraging words from friends that was really great to hear.

I’ve decided to keep pushing and work on bringing another new post as soon as possible. Watch this space…

3 tips for a better shave

Today I want briefly focus on skincare, specifically men’s skincare. This is often a subject that is easily overlooked. A lot of men nowadays have great big bushy beards, and the skin underneath them is literally out of sight and out of mind.

For those that don’t have facial hair, the shavers out there, taking good care of your skin is much more important. Not only is it visible but it isn’t subject to the natural oils that facial hair brings.

Wet shave also means your skin is much more likely to become irritated and cut. All of this means taking care of it is vitally important. In this post I’ll be laying out my 3 key steps to ensuring that you have as good a shave as possible in terms of your skin.

The first step is key – good preparation. If you’ve got the time you’ll want to fill your sink with hot water and give your face a good splash. Doing this will help open up your pores making the shave quite a bit smoother. Alternatively you could run a hot shower and rinse your face. Either is fine.

Shaving Cream

Next gently dab your face with a soft towel. The next and possibly most crucial step is ensuring you are using the best shaver and cream.

In terms of wet shavers, you can’t go wrong by selecting anything from Gillette. Really great creams on the other hand are a bit harder to come by.

It’s important to find one that lathers really well (this way you won’t have to use so much), and has a great scent (so you keep the ladies happy).

Having wet shaved for around 20 years now, I can confidently say that I’ve probably tried well over 50 different creams over the years. My recent favourite I discovered only a few months ago. It’s called Percy Nobleman’s shaving cream and it smells incredible.

Once you’ve found your ideal razor and cream, it’s time for the shave. The method of exactly how you shave is incredibly important. It’s vital you go with the grain, and avoid snagging and persistent hairs. Doing this can lead to bleeding and skin damage.

There you have it. Follow these steps and a great shave will be the end result!

More on it’s way

Ok..I admit we’ve had a pretty forgettable start to 2018 when it comes to blog posting….but fear not! We’re determined to put it right. We have another post that should be live at some point early next week. Bookmark our site and make sure you come back then.

The Movement That Just Won’t Disappear

Hi everyone! I’m back 🙂

Most of you are no strangers to my blog and have been here since the beginning (and are hopefully in it for the long haul!). For those that are new to the party, you’ll quickly come to understand that the topic of men’s grooming is one of my favourite subjects to discuss. In fact my first two blog posts consisted of rambling on primarily this one subject.

I’m afraid to say that today’s post is going to follow suit (why buck a trend ay?). I want to discuss the popularity of the beard and why it doesn’t seem to be abating (or even close to abating!).

What could be the reason for this, you might ask? I believe the answer doesn’t necessarily lie in one place. Celebrity culture and social media has moved us all to become more conscious of our looks and outward appearance. Whether or not this is a good thing, I am still undecided on.

Despite this, it’s easy to sit back and marvel at the speed and effectiveness that this so called movement has had upon the male half of the western world. I’d go as far as saying that it’s likely there are more men out there with beards and facial hair than there are who are clean shaven!

popularity of the beard

They are so ubiquitous now, that most of the men in my family and close circle our sporting long and healthy beards – my boyfriend especially.

He’s a huge fan of his beard, but I am still not sure about it. I can’t decide whether he looks better with or without one. I sort of miss the days when he were clean shaven (it made him look younger!) but I dread to think what his response would be if I asked him to shave his beard off!

He’s also mad for all the products that come along with it, and has quite a nice little collection now. His favourite and most used product is definitely beard oil. He uses it every day without fail!

Anyway, enough of me rambling. Come back soon for more of the same. Thanks!

We’ll be back soon

After an extended break, I’ve spent a good deal of time over the last few weeks working on my third blog post. In it I discuss a number of things that are topical and important in this day and age. I don’t want to give too much away so please remember to visit in a few days and take a look.

How self-maintenance is slowly changing the world

Hello again folks. Last time out I took some time to discuss the social impact of the modern hipster. This time around I’m going to change the subject slightly and talk about how I believe we are slowly becoming more and more self-aware, especially in terms of our outwardly appearance and looks.

Both women and men alike are becoming more and more ‘image’ conscious. It is now not abnormal for a young man in his twenties to take between 30 minutes and an hour in the morning to get through his personal grooming regime. Nor is it abnormal for any young woman to spend up to 2 hours a day prepping and applying makeup (especially on the weekends).

This kind of behaviour is now ubiquitous and commonplace. In fact, if you’re the one that spends zero hours per week working on your looks then you may even be considered abnormal.

For women, makeup and skincare application has been around for decades. You’ll struggle to find a young woman who doesn’t know her way around a primer, or doesn’t know anything about the benefits of using a treatment serum.


men and women in front of the mirror


Men however, have taken a bit longer to show up to the party. It is only in recent years that men have turned this huge corner, and really started paying more attention to their looks (especially in terms of how they dress, how they style their hair, and lets not forget…how they style their facial hair).

This recent change has led to an uplift and surge in popularity of products designed to aid men through their grooming related troubles.   

So many strange and bizarre things have come onto the market in recent months. I’m no stranger to beards, and I’m comfortable admitting that I’ve dipped my toe into growing out my facial hair, and have come across lots of accessories that many would deem unnecessary.

One however, that I believe is completely necessary, and has actually got me out of a couple of sore spots in my time, are beard scissors.

Despite the fact that beard trimmers appear to be all the rage, and their technology is constantly evolving and developing each year, many men still prefer using a good old pair of scissors.

I’ve tried out quite a few in my time, and the ones above have proven to be my favourite pair.

There you are folks – That’s my two cents. If you’re erring onto the side of placing high importance on self grooming then getting a pair of facial hair scissors is a good place to start.